5G Intelligent Logistics Antenna Solution

Oct 26 , 2022

The Double 11 shopping Festival is coming. The number of express packages in China is over 10 million. It is difficult to deal with the huge number of packages only by manual operation. The main use of intelligent logistics sorting robot collocation can adapt to indoor and outdoor 360 ° full coverage, signal stability, easy to install, and other characteristics of the whole to the fiberglass antenna to achieve stable express logistics warehouse 5g/WIFI signal coverage, to transmit data through wireless signal automatically, intelligent fast measure for each type of express packages, classification, Assist logistics companies in the handling of express packages, packages in and out of storage handling, so as to rapidly improve the application technology of intelligent logistics solutions.

Asian Creation Antenna Factory specializes in the production of various types of 4G/5G/LTE antennas, WIFI antennas, IoT antennas, and other antennas that have been widely used in intelligent logistics solutions by foreign customers.

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5g Intelligent Logistics Antenna Solution