Asian Creation’s 5.8G PCB Antenna is a high-performance antenna designed for use in wireless communication systems. This antenna operates in the 5.8 GHz frequency band, making it suitable for applications such as Wi-Fi, wireless LAN, and other 5.8 GHz wireless technologies.

The antenna is built on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), which allows for a compact and lightweight design, while still providing excellent performance. The PCB design also allows for easy integration into a variety of devices and systems.

The 5.8G PCB Antenna features a high gain, which helps to improve the range and signal strength of wireless communications. It also has a wide bandwidth, which allows it to support a variety of different wireless protocols and standards.


5.8G 36DBI ANTENNA applications

  1. Long-Range Wi-Fi: The 5.8G 36DBI Antenna is perfect for extending the range of Wi-Fi networks, especially in rural or large-scale environments where the signal needs to cover a large area.

  2. Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs): This antenna is ideal for WISPs as it can help to provide a strong and stable internet connection over a large area.

  3. Point-to-Point Connections: The high gain and directional nature of this antenna make it suitable for establishing point-to-point connections over long distances.

  4. Outdoor Events: For outdoor events requiring Wi-Fi, such as concerts or festivals, this antenna can provide a strong and stable internet connection for attendees.

  5. Surveillance Systems: The 5.8G 36DBI Antenna can be used in wireless surveillance systems to ensure a stable connection and clear video transmission.

  6. Drones: In drone applications, this antenna can be used to enhance the communication between the drone and the controller, improving the range and stability of the connection.

  7. Campus Networks: In large campuses like universities or corporate offices, this antenna can be used to provide a strong Wi-Fi signal across the entire area.

  8. Public Wi-Fi Hotspots: For providing public Wi-Fi in places like parks, shopping centers, or community centers, this antenna can help to ensure a strong and stable connection for users.