RFID Yagi Antennas provide wide frequency ranges for  RFID applications where high performance is required from a small size. We offers not only high-performance and high-quality RFID Yagi Antennas, but also customized and excellent services, enabling you having a satisfied shopping experience.


Features of RFID Yagi Antennas

Designed for compatible with both indoor and outdoor environments, these RFID Yagi Antennas are capable of providing stable connectivity and delivering better transmission and reception in all weather conditions. Having small sizes and compact dimensions, these RFID Yagi Antennas also have easy installation, stable performance, with good anti-vibration and anti-aging ability.

Features of RFID Yagi Antennas
Seven Advantages of RFID technology

Seven Advantages of RFID technology

1. Super anti-interference

2. The data capacity of RFID tags is very large

3. Can be operated dynamically

4. Long service life

5. Anti-collision

6. High security

7. Fast recognition speed