Asian Creation provides 4G LPDA antennas and lte lpda antennas, including High Gain LPDA Antenna 11dBi Multi Directional External Antenna and 4G Router External High Gain LPDA Antenna with Coaxial Cable. We offer high-quality and cost-effective 4G/LTE LPDA Antennas for your picking out.


Directionality of 4G/LTE LPDA Antennas

Asian Creation offers both LPDA Antennas that can receives signals from all directions and LPDA Antennas that receives 3G/4G signals from a defined direction with a narrow-angle. In this way, customers can freely choose the LPDA Antennas which fits their needs most and are more cost-effective.

Directionality of 4G/LTE LPDA Antennas
Strengths of 4G/LTE LPDA Antennas

Strengths of 4G/LTE LPDA Antennas

Compared to other antennas, the 4G/LTE LPDA Antennas provided by Asian Creation are relatively lightweight with the weight less than 1KG. Normally being installed outdoor, the 4G/LTE LPDA Antennas are relatively compact and help improve transmitting and receiving signals across a  wide frequency spectrum range. Moreover, the 4G/LTE LPDA Antennas have a higher-gain up to 9dB, which can help you get 2 times stronger signal on the 4G routers.

4G/LTE LPDA Antennas Applications

  1. Fixed Wireless Access (FWA): LPDA antennas can be used for fixed wireless access deployments, providing high-speed internet connectivity to homes and businesses. Their directional characteristics help focus the signal towards specific areas, improving coverage and signal strength.

  2. Point-to-Multipoint Communication: LPDA antennas are suitable for point-to-multipoint communication scenarios, where a central hub communicates with multiple remote locations. This can be useful in scenarios like connecting multiple buildings or providing coverage in a specific geographic area.

  3. Remote Monitoring and Telemetry: LPDA antennas are employed in remote monitoring and telemetry applications, where data from sensors or devices needs to be transmitted over a distance. This can include applications in agriculture, environmental monitoring, or industrial settings.

  4. Rural Broadband Connectivity: LPDA antennas can contribute to providing broadband connectivity in rural or underserved areas. They can be used to cover larger areas with a focused, high-gain signal, extending the reach of LTE networks.

  5. Mobile Network Infrastructure: LPDA antennas are used in the infrastructure of mobile networks as directional antennas for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint backhaul links. They connect base stations or small cells to the core network, enhancing network capacity and coverage.

  6. Public Safety and Emergency Services: LPDA antennas can be deployed for public safety and emergency services to establish reliable communication links during disasters or emergencies. Their directional nature allows for targeted coverage in specific areas.

  7. Industrial Connectivity: In industrial environments, LPDA antennas are utilized for connecting remote facilities and monitoring equipment. They can support applications such as machine-to-machine communication and the Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial settings.

  8. Maritime and Offshore Communications: LPDA antennas can be used for maritime and offshore communication, providing connectivity for vessels, offshore platforms, and remote maritime installations.

  9. Surveillance and Security Systems: LPDA antennas play a role in surveillance and security applications, where a directional and high-gain antenna is needed for transmitting video and data over longer distances.

  10. Broadcasting and Event Coverage: In broadcasting and media production, LPDA antennas may be used for live event coverage. They help establish reliable communication links for transmitting audio, video, and data from remote locations to broadcasting centers.

  11. Education and Campus Connectivity: LPDA antennas can be deployed in educational institutions to provide high-speed internet connectivity across campuses. They support the growing demand for data-intensive applications in educational environments.