Asian Creation specialises in 4G/5G/LTE Combination Antennas, which can minimize antenna installation area and reduce the number of connecting heads of combo antennas. We always offer our professional technique and manufacturing technology to serve all of our customers.

Types of 4G/5G/LTE Combination Antennas


4G/5G/LTE Combination Antennas Advantages

The combination antenna can save the installation space of the 4G/5G/LTE antenna, the integration of the antenna is higher, and the number of holes related to the installation of the antenna and the complexity of the installation can be reduced.

Compared with common antennas, the number of radomes of combined 4G/5G/LTE antenna will be less. With relevant customization, the line distance and the number of connecting heads of antennas can be saved, and the total cost of the combined antenna system will be greatly reduced.

Compared with ordinary antenna, combination antenna is more convenient and affordable, and customers are more inclined to choose it.