Specification of CDMA Signal Amplifier 800/900MHz(AC-CDMA800)

Frequency RangeUplink 825-835  Down 870-880
GainUplink Gp≥55  Down Gp≥65
Output Power(dBm)≥23       ≥20
Fluctuation band≤2dB
Band rejection-60dB Bandwidth (BW-60dB)   ≤ 42MHz
-70dB Bandwidth (BW-70dB)   ≤ 45MHz
Input / output impedance50Ω/N
Input / output return loss≤-8dB
Noise figure≤8dB
Third-order intermodulation characteristicsPo = 13dBm)
In 9KHz ~ 1GHz range intermodulation≤-30dBm
In the range of 1 ~ 12.75GHz intermodulation≤-30dBm
Propagation Delay≤ 0.5μs
Ambient temperature-10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
PowerAC110 ~ 220V ± 10%  45-55Hz
ConnectorN female
Reliabilitymeet GB6993-86 standards
Compliance ETS300 694-4 standard Featuresa) light indicates power supply
b) Output power light indicates
Coverage Area800 square meters

Features of CDMA Signal Amplifier 800/900MHz(AC-CDMA800)

  • 01

    This is the CDMA 850MHz cell phone signal booster amplifier mobile repeater for home signal.

  • 02

    The CDMA signal repeater provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to leak of signals.

  • 03

    The miniature repeater is made in aluminum which could help reduce the attenuation in signal transmission and radiation.

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