4G/LTE Grid Antennas are a kind of Dish Antennas that Asian Creation offers, in which featured on the technology of 4G or LTE. The 4G/LTE grid Antennas which are high-efficient and having strong penetration ability, enable customers to freely choose and select the suitable products they want.


Important factors affecting 4G/LTE Grid Antennas performance

In radio communication, the 4G/LTE grid Antenna is the interface of the external medium, and the 4G/LTE grid Antenna can radiate and receive radio waves. When the 4G/LTE grid Antenna transmits, it can convert high-frequency current into electromagnetic waves, and convert the received electromagnetic waves into high-frequency current. The direction, gain and power of the 4G/LTE grid Antenna are three important factors that affect the performance of the 4G/LTE grid Antenna.

Important factors affecting 4G/LTE Grid Antennas performance
Gains of 4G/LTE Grid Antennas

Gains of 4G/LTE Grid Antennas

Compared to other Antennas with the same technology and frequency range, the 4G/LTE Grid Antennas have higher and superior gains. In this way, these antennas have a better ability of penetration and are more efficient and effective.

4G LTE Parabolic Grid Antenna Applications

Parabolic grid antennas are commonly used in 4G/LTE networks for specific applications that require long-range, high-gain communication. Here are some typical applications of 4G/LTE parabolic grid antennas:

  1. Long-Distance Point-to-Point Communication: 4G/LTE Parabolic grid antennas excel in establishing long-distance point-to-point communication links. They are often used to connect remote locations or to establish backhaul links between cell towers in areas with challenging terrain.

  2. Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs): WISPs often use 4G/LTE parabolic grid antennas to deliver high-speed internet access to customers in rural or underserved areas. These antennas provide directional coverage, enabling WISPs to reach subscribers over longer distances.

  3. Backhaul Links for Cellular Networks: 4G/LTE Parabolic grid antennas are employed in the backhaul infrastructure of cellular networks. They connect base stations and small cells to the core network, supporting high-capacity data transfer and enhancing the overall network performance.

  4. Surveillance and Security Systems: 4G/LTE Parabolic grid antennas are used in surveillance and security applications to establish long-range communication links for transmitting video and data. This is common in scenarios where a centralized monitoring station needs to communicate with remote cameras or sensors.

  5. Broadcasting and Media Production: In broadcasting and media production, 4G/LTE parabolic grid antennas may be used for live event coverage. They enable reliable and high-capacity data transmission from remote locations to broadcasting centers, supporting the transmission of audio, video, and data.

  6. Military and Defense Applications: 4G/LTE Parabolic grid antennas find applications in military and defense for secure and long-range communication. They are used for tactical deployments, remote monitoring, and communication between different military units.

  7. Research and Exploration: In research and exploration activities, such as environmental monitoring or scientific research in remote locations, 4G/LTE parabolic grid antennas can establish communication links for data transfer and remote monitoring.

  8. Point-to-Multipoint Communication: 4G/LTE Parabolic grid antennas can be used for point-to-multipoint communication scenarios where a central hub communicates with multiple remote locations. This can be useful in scenarios like connecting multiple buildings or providing coverage in a specific geographic area.

  9. Fixed Wireless Access (FWA): 4G/LTE Parabolic grid antennas are employed in fixed wireless access deployments, delivering high-speed internet to homes and businesses. Their directional characteristics help focus the signal and extend coverage to specific areas.

  10. Offshore and Maritime Communications: 4G/LTE Parabolic grid antennas can be used for offshore and maritime communication, providing connectivity for vessels, offshore platforms, and remote maritime installations.

These applications highlight the effectiveness of 4G LTE parabolic grid antennas in providing long-range, high-gain communication for various industries and scenarios.