Specification of IPEX U.FL PCB Connector U.FL Jack PCB Surface Mount AC-PCB-UFL

1)Electrical Specifications

FrequencyDC to 6 GHz
Voltage RatedAC60Vr.m.s
Character Impedance50 Ohm
Insulation Resistance500M min
VSWR1.3 MAX at 0.1-3GHz;1.5 MAX at 3-6GHz
Contact ResistanceInner:20 m ohms max;outer:10 m ohms max
Dielectric with standing voltage200V AC/1 min
Durability30 mating cycle
Storage temperature15-35 ℃
Operating temperature-30°C to +70°C
Operating humidity45-75%RH
Guaranty Number of time for ReflowThe solder surface of the plate end is impregnated more than 90% and the cavity is not more than 5%. Sink the welding point of the terminal into 245 ° C ±5 ° C (518±5K) for 5±0.5 seconds in accordance with Mil-STD-202F,Method 208E.
Temperature profile of reflow solderingCondi ton 1: 130-180 ℃(403-453K) 120(s)Max  .
Condi ton 2: 220 ℃(493K) 60(s)Max.  
Condi ton 3: 230 ℃(503K) 50(s)Max.
Condi ton 4: 250 ℃(523K) 10(s)Max.
Number of cycles connect/disconnect2
2)Material Spec

Center ContactBrassGold plated

Features of IPEX U.FL PCB Connector U.FL Jack PCB Surface Mount AC-PCB-UFL

  • 01

    A mated connection only stands 2.5mm high!

  • 02

    U.FL is good up to 6GHz.

  • 03

    They are Often times they’re used in laptop WiFi cards and embedded systems.

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