4G/LTE Dish Antennas are antennas produced in the shape of a dish and based on the technology of 4G or LTE. Familar to other 4G/LTE Antennas, the 4G/LTE Dish Antennas have the advantages of high performance, superior gains and high efficiency. What's more, 4G/LTE dish antennas also include the specialities of dish design.


Gains of the 4G/LTE Dish Antennas

As one of the most important parameters of antennas, gains matter a lot in seleting suitable products. Asian Creation provides customers with extremely high gains, with the minimun gain of 20dBi. It means that the products we supply will have a strong ability in receiving and transmitting data.

Gains of the 4G/LTE Dish Antennas
Operating Temperature of 4G/LTE Dish Antennas

Operating Temperature of 4G/LTE Dish Antennas

The operating temperature of 4G/LTE Dish Antennas varies from -40℃ to 70 ℃, enabling the product remains alive and working in almost all hard and tough environment. The durable and invulnerable 4G/LTE Dish Antennas will surely offer customers a nice shopping experience.

4G/LTE Dish Antennas Applications

  1. Point-to-Point Communication: 4G LTE dish antennas are frequently employed for point-to-point communication links. These links connect two fixed locations over a considerable distance, providing high-capacity data transfer for applications like backhaul connections between cell towers or connecting remote offices.

  2. Backhaul Links for Remote Areas: In remote or underserved areas where wired infrastructure is limited, 4G LTE dish antennas serve as backhaul links, connecting remote base stations to the core network. This helps extend mobile network coverage to areas that might otherwise be challenging to reach with traditional wired connections.

  3. Rural Broadband Access: Dish antennas are utilized in rural broadband deployments to provide high-speed internet access to homes and businesses in areas where traditional wired broadband is impractical. The directional nature of dish antennas allows for long-range coverage.

  4. Mobile Network Infrastructure: In addition to point-to-point communication, 4G LTE dish antennas can be used in the mobile network infrastructure for point-to-multipoint communication. They serve as the backhaul link connecting multiple base stations to the core network, supporting the overall network capacity and coverage.

  5. Disaster Recovery and Emergency Communications: 4G LTE dish antennas can be quickly deployed for temporary communication links during disaster recovery or emergency situations. They provide a reliable and high-capacity connection for first responders and emergency services.

  6. Surveillance and Security Systems: Dish antennas are employed in surveillance and security applications where a focused and long-range communication link is required. This can include connecting remote cameras or sensors to a central monitoring station.

  7. Broadcasting and Media Production: In broadcasting and media production, 4G LTE dish antennas are used for live event coverage. They enable high-quality, low-latency video and data transmission from remote locations to broadcasting centers.

  8. Military and Defense Applications: Dish antennas find applications in military and defense for secure and long-range communication. They are used in tactical deployments, remote monitoring, and communication between different military units.

  9. Research and Exploration: In remote research locations or exploration activities, such as oil and gas exploration, 4G LTE dish antennas are employed to establish communication links for data transfer and remote monitoring.

  10. Industrial Connectivity: Dish antennas can be used in industrial settings for connecting remote facilities, monitoring equipment, and enabling IoT applications that require high-speed and reliable communication.