Specification of 2.4G Parabolic High Gain 20dBi Dish Antenna 600mm

Frequency Range2400-2483MHz
Band width83MHz
F/B Ratio≥30dB
Horizontal Beam width14°
Vertical Beam width15°
PolarizationVertical or Horizontal
Lightning ProtectionDC Grounded
Maximum Input Power100W
ConnectorN Female
Cable TypeLMR240
Cable Length30cm
Antenna Radome MaterialAluminium alloy
Mounting wayPole
Diameter of Installation PoleØ50~Ø70mm
Antenna DimensionΦ600mm
Operating Temperature-40℃ to+80℃
Rated Wind Velocity60m/s
RoHS CompliantYES

Features of 2.4G Parabolic High Gain 20dBi Dish Antenna 600mm

  • 01

    Point to point systems, point to multi-point and wireless bridges and designed for use in the 2.4GHz ISM band as well as IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN systems.

  • 02

    Radio Local Area Networks (RLAN) IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN, WiFi systems Wireless bridges and backhaul applications.

  • 03

    The Wifi dishes are made from casted aluminium and combine a high stability and rugged weatherproof and low wind load for a long endurance of the antennas.

When You Should Choose 600MM Dish Antenna?

Long-Range Communication: If you need to communicate over long distances, a 600mm dish antenna can provide the necessary range.

High-Frequency Communication: If you are communicating at high frequencies, a larger dish like 600mm can provide better signal reception and transmission.

Satellite Communication: If you are setting up a satellite communication system, a 600mm dish antenna can provide the necessary gain for reliable communication.

Rural or Remote Areas: If you are in a rural or remote area where signal strength may be weak, a 600mm dish antenna can help improve reception.

High-Speed Internet: If you are setting up a high-speed internet connection, a 600mm dish antenna can provide the necessary bandwidth.

Weather Conditions: Larger antennas like the 600mm are more resistant to weather conditions and can provide more stable communication in adverse weather.

Broadcasting: If you are setting up a broadcasting station, a 600mm dish antenna can provide the necessary coverage area.

Remember, the choice of antenna size also depends on other factors like the available space for installation, budget, and specific requirements of your communication system.

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