Specification of 5.8GHz 35dBi High Gain Outdoor Long Range Dish Antenna

Frequency Range5725-5850MHz
F/B Ratio≥40dB
Horizontal Beam width
Vertical Beam width
PolarizationVertical or Horizontal
Lightning ProtectionDC Grounded
Maximum Input Power100W
ConnectorN Female
Antenna Radome MaterialAluminum Alloy
Mounting wayPole Mount
Diameter of Installation PoleØ50~Ø70mm
Operating Temperature-40℃ to+70℃
Rated Wind Velocity60m/s
RoHS CompliantYES

Features of 5.8GHz 35dBi High Gain Outdoor Long Range Dish Antenna

  • 01

    The 35 dBi parabolic antenna operating from 5.1-5.8 GHz.

  • 02

    This parabolic antenna comes with a pair of pre-attached, 30CM RF 400 pig-tail cables with N-female connectors.

  • 03

    Use this parabolic antenna over a flat panel antenna to maximize the potential of your radio by improving signal strength and reducing the noise floor in your link.

5.8G DISH ANTENNA applications

  1. Long-Distance Communication: The 5.8G Dish Antenna is designed for long-distance wireless communication. It’s ideal for creating point-to-point links between buildings or across large distances.

  2. Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs): WISPs often use these antennas to deliver internet services to their customers, especially in rural or remote areas where wired connections are not feasible.

  3. Campus Networks: Universities, colleges, and large corporate campuses can use these antennas to establish high-speed wireless networks across their premises.

  4. Surveillance Systems: The 5.8G Dish Antenna can be used in wireless surveillance systems to ensure a stable connection and clear video transmission over long distances.

  5. Public Wi-Fi Hotspots: These antennas can be used to provide public Wi-Fi in places like parks, shopping centers, or community centers, ensuring a strong and stable connection for users.

  6. Telecommunication Networks: Telecommunication companies can use these antennas to establish backhaul links or to connect remote areas to their network.

  7. Drones: In drone applications, this antenna can be used to enhance the communication between the drone and the controller, improving the range and stability of the connection.

  8. Broadcasting: The 5.8G Dish Antenna can be used for broadcasting signals over a large area, making it ideal for radio or television broadcasting stations.

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