Asian Creation, a leader in antennas industry, provides 4G/LTE Wall Mount Antennas, which has multiband connections and high efficiency. Aimed at enhancing communication signals, the 4G/LTE Wall Mount Antennas have different types for installing both indoors and outdoors. In this way, customers can choose whatever they need in our Asian Creation.


Difficulties in Manufacturing 4G/LTE Antennas

To manufacture LTE/4G wall mount antennas with high waterproof and UV protection levels and strong installation methods, not only requires high cost in design, but also requires strict control over the raw materials and processes selected in the later stage . In addition, it is not easy to support all 4G/LTE in the world. Therefore, producing high-quality 4G/LTE Antennas is quite difficult.

Difficulties in Manufacturing 4G/LTE Antennas
Directionality of 4G/LTE Wall Mount Antennas

Directionality of 4G/LTE Wall Mount Antennas

Asian Creation is available with both directional 4G/LTE Wall Mount Antennas and omnidirectional 4G/LTE Wall Mount Antennas. Carefully thinking about the advantages of these two directionalities, customers will always find one that has the highest performance and suits them most.

4G(LTE) Wall Mount Antennas Applications

  1. Indoor Wireless Coverage: Wall mount antennas are often used to enhance indoor 4G LTE coverage in buildings, offices, and facilities. They can improve signal strength and quality, providing better connectivity for mobile devices and IoT applications within a specific area.

  2. Small Business Connectivity: In small businesses or retail environments, wall-mount antennas can be employed to boost 4G LTE connectivity. This ensures that employees and customers have reliable access to mobile data services.

  3. Residential Connectivity: Wall-mount antennas are suitable for residential applications, especially in areas with weaker signal strength. They can be installed to improve 4G LTE coverage within homes, apartments, or other residential structures.

  4. Digital Signage and Kiosks: Wall mount antennas are commonly used in digital signage, kiosks, and vending machines that require reliable 4G LTE connectivity. These antennas help maintain a stable connection for content updates, transactions, and remote monitoring.

  5. Smart Home Devices: Wall mount antennas can be integrated into smart home devices, such as security cameras, smart thermostats, and IoT sensors. They enhance the connectivity of these devices to the 4G LTE network.

  6. Public Transportation: In buses, trains, or other public transportation vehicles, wall-mount antennas can improve 4G LTE connectivity for onboard systems, Wi-Fi services, and passenger communication.

  7. Remote Offices and Branches: Wall mount antennas are suitable for providing reliable 4G LTE connectivity in remote offices or branch locations where wired connections may be challenging to deploy.

  8. Temporary Deployments: Wall mount antennas are convenient for temporary deployments, such as events, construction sites, or pop-up stores, where a quick and easy solution for 4G LTE connectivity is required.

  9. Healthcare Facilities: In healthcare settings, wall mount antennas can enhance 4G LTE connectivity for medical devices, monitoring equipment, and communication systems, contributing to efficient and reliable healthcare services.

  10. Education Institutions: Wall mount antennas can be utilized in educational institutions to improve 4G LTE coverage in classrooms, administrative offices, and other areas where reliable connectivity is essential for learning and communication.

  11. Hospitality Industry: Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments may use wall-mount antennas to ensure robust 4G LTE connectivity for guest services, point-of-sale systems, and other operational needs.