LoRa Antenna Selection

Aug 16 , 2022

The full name of Lora is long-range radio, which is widely used in various vertical industries of the Internet of things because of its long transmission distance, low power consumption, flexible networking, and many other advantages that coincide with the fragmented, low-cost and large connection requirements of the Internet of things.

Common Lora antennas include spring antenna, rod antenna and sucker antenna. Different antenna matching can be selected according to the power and frequency of the Lora module. Generally speaking, a spring antenna can be selected for a 100MW Lora module, a rod antenna can be selected for modules above 500MW, and a sucker antenna can be selected for modules above 2W.

Relatively speaking, the gain of the sucker antenna is higher than that of the rod antenna and spring antenna. In a communication system, the higher the gain, the farther the wireless signal will travel. Therefore, in order to improve the communication distance of the wireless module, it is also a good way to select a high-gain antenna.

Lora Antenna Selection