Our Productivity Has Gone Up Again

Apr 17 , 2021

Thanks for your support as always, the production arrangement of Asian Creation Communication Antenna Factory after the Chinese Spring Festival has been restored and is on the right track after more than two months of adjustment.

Affected by the global epidemic and the soaring prices of raw materials after the Spring Festival, the order business of domestic and foreign customers is slightly affected, but the order volume is still increasing. Due to the huge increase in orders, Asian Creation Communication Factory introduced 5 new automatic binding machines to meet the huge demand for orders. By increasing the input of fully automated machines and arranging the daily work of the workers in the workshop more reasonably, the daily production value of the Asian Creation Communication Factory can be increased by leaps and bounds.

The 4G/5G/LTE Antenna produced by Asian Creation Communication Antenna Factory has been widely used in wireless solutions. Welcome to contact us for the details.

Asian Creation Antenna Productivity Has Gone Up Again