Knowledge of the Antenna

Mar 31 , 2021

Asian Creation Communication Antenna Factory is a professional antenna manufacturer producing a variety of wireless communication antennas: 5G antenna MIMO antenna RFID antenna directional antenna omnidirectional antenna GPS antenna vehicle-mounted antenna terminal antenna built-in antenna to share some antenna knowledge:

  1. The antenna frequency must match the frequency of the wireless equipment, otherwise, the communication effect is not good;

  2. The lower the communication frequency, the longer the wavelength, the better the diffraction performance;

  3. When there is a linear communication obstacle, the communication distance will decay accordingly;

  4. Please pay attention to the antenna radiation direction, the antenna installation direction is not correct, resulting in close transmission distance;

  5. The ground absorbs radio waves, and the test effect near the ground is poor, so it is suggested to raise the height;

  6. Seawater has a strong ability to absorb radio waves, so the seaside test effect is not good;

  7. If there are metal objects near the antenna or placed in a metal shell, the signal attenuation will be very serious;

  8. The poor impedance matching degree between antenna and communication equipment will lead to poor communication effects.

Asian Creation Knowledge Of The Antenna