5G Antenna New Product Recommendation

Apr 06 , 2020

  In recent years, the fifth-generation mobile communication system 5G has become a hot topic of discussion in the communications industry and academia. The development of 5G also comes from the growing demand for mobile data. With the development of mobile Internet, more and more devices are connected to mobile networks and new services and applications are emerging.

At present, the basic definition of 5G frequency in the world is in 600-2700MHz,2170-2700MHz,3400-3500MHz, and 4800MHz-4900MHz. customers can customize a 5G antenna according to the specific situation of their use.

As a professional antenna manufacturer in China, we welcome OEM, and ODM customization of various 5G antennas, our advantageous products include 5G omnidirectional antenna, 5G long-range directional antenna, 5G log-periodic antenna, terminal antenna, car antenna, flat antenna, which are in hot sale. Welcome new and old customers to contact us: 0757-86151234.

5g Antenna New Product Recommendation